Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prize Bags

OMG its been a week since I have posted! I need to not do that. LOL

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I had a great, relaxing fun weekend. I refused to work on any of my to-do list for my birthday so it is making for a semi-stressed week this week. I am in the middle of many projects which explains why I haven't had anything to post! Nothing is done yet. Well one thing is....

For the baby shower this Sunday, we have some games we will be playing (more on that later) so I had to have some prizes for the winners! At Joan's in their $1 section by the checkouts they had lotion, hand soap and hand sanitzer in 2 scents. (This was a month and a half or so ago) So I got 4 sets, (1 of each item, 2 in one scent, and 2 of the other) for prizes. But I wanted to dress them up some. My original idea was to get a cute basket and weave some ribbon into it. Well after hitting 3 stores, I couldn't find a basket I liked that was under $10 a piece! Now I am trying to keep in a budget for the shower, so those were just out of my range. So instead I got some cute kraft color gift bags for $0.33 each! Much better. Add some colored tissue paper, and some quick home-made emblishments, and I love the way these turned out. It took about 10 minutes to cut and glue everything so I got a lot of my other projects half done in the same night. So enough talking and start sharing!

Here are all 4 gifts lined up on my (new) coffeetable (that I got for my birthday from my wonderful boyfriend)

Here is a close-up of the tag. Cut from the Sentimentals cart. I put what scent is on the inside so I don't have to dig through the bags when someone wins. Yes, I put a blue jingle bell on them so they ring when you walk with it. I saw them in my stash and just had to add one to each tag.

When I got the blue tissue paper, I was thinking I would stick with the blue/green/yellow theme of the rest of the shower, but I didn't want to have the gifts be baby in theme. And this way, they can re-use the bag and tag (just put a piece of paper over the scent and use it for your own gift tag) if they want to :)

Well I hope the winners on Sunday enjoy these as much as I did putting them together!

Now I said I would mention something about the games I am doing for the shower. I am doing to do "Guess that Nursery Rhyme" I am going to cut the silloutte from 10 rhymes from the Nursery Rhymes cricut cartrige and have the guests guess what rhyme it is from. Bonus points if you know the last line of the rhyme. I am going to get those cut tonight so I can copy them tomorrow. So come back tomorrow and check out the game page!


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