Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy (early) Father's Day

Yesterday I shared my Grad card (scroll down for that post)
so Today I am sharing my Dad project.

I made 2 of these last year for my dad and my boyfriend's dad for Father's Day.
These are the small paint cans available at your local craft store.

I put a ribbon tab on the lid to be able to lift the lid without flipping the whole can over.
Then we put a cream circle under the lid to write a personal message to our dads.

I loved this paper I found at Archiver's. It was double sided so one side is the argyle and the other was different vintage looking squares with horses, golf or other "guy" things.

We filled the tins with our dad's favorite candy or snack. His dad: Andy's Mints. My dad: pretzles.

Hope this inspires you to make something great for the guy in your life.


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