Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby shower stuff

Hi! I fell of the edge again there for a couple of weeks. I had the baby shower and all was a success. I have been relaxing (just a tiny bit) and getting ready for a craft show at work. Yes, at work! Every year my work has what they call our "entrepreneur show" if you make or sell anything outside of work, we have a 2 hour lunch that we all set up tables. We make gift card holders (really cute ones this year) and I am making a sample wedding album to take orders for custom made ones. Wish us luck!

Now on to show you the crafty stuff I made for the baby shower.

This is one side of the centerpieces. I make 6 of them from diapers (about 5-6 diapers per cake) I cut the animals from animal kingdom cricut cartridge, once normally and once in blackout and attached them to bamboo sticks (made for shish kabobs) The it's a boy is from another cartridge (that the name is escaping me right now). you can see the back of the center circle in the next picture.

It is harder to tell on the yellow lion, but I using markers, I darkened all the lines that the cricut cuts for the details so you could see them while sitting at the table.

This is the diaper cake I made. The topper is the words from the centerpieces I didn't use just on a square of green cardstock. The animals I purchased at Joan's for less than $1 each and they were pre-painted! Perfect for our animal theme. I cut Christian out and glued it just to the ribbon, not the diapers. I taped the animals on with double sided tape so that after the shower, my friend could use them as emblishments on the frames I gave her. Those pictures next! The base is a circle of cardboard I cut from the side of a box that I just glued some ribbon around the edge to make it presentable.

I got the frames at Pat Catans for $1 each. They are wood frames so I painted the edges white and let them dry overnight before I put the paper on. The animals are not glued on yet, I left that for the mom to do since I used them on the diaper cake. I did glue the ribbon, circle emblishment and the baby's name on.

Second frame

Third frame.

I was thinking she could put the one with his name in the middle of the other two on the wall in the baby's room. I can't wait to meet the new little one!!


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