Friday, November 19, 2010

Gift Card Holders

I feel like it is has been forever since I have made a scrapbook page! I keep working on all kinds of "projects" which are just as fun :)
I mentioned in my last post about my job's entrepreneur show. Every year my mom and I make some kind of cute gift card holder that we sell for just $1. Dresses up those plain gift card gifts into something just a tad more special. Here are the ones we have completed so far this year. No two will be the same!

And here are what the insides look like. They have a pocket for your gift card! 

And here is my lovely mom. I was told I MUST make sure to say I have not done all of these on my own. Of course I haven't! In two nights, together, my mom and I have completed what you see here :)

I also wanted to say, that over on facebook (there is a link to your right somewhere) my "Scrapbook Ministry" page is hosting their first challenge. It is a color challenge to use fall colors. You just have to be a fan of the scrapbook ministry and upload a picture of your crafty project. A random winner will be choosen. What will the prize be? Not sure yet, but some sort of goodies from me :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

1 comment:

StampFairy said...

i love your style! the cards look so cute and i love those shapes!! great job

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