Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catching up!

Hi everyone!
I know it has been a while. With the move, it was kind of crazy! I haven't done much creating over the past 2 months other than my monthly pages but that will change this weekend (hopefully). I plan on going to get the shelves I want to finish my craft room and everything will finally be out of boxes! YAY! Once that happens, I will post picture of my new favorite room :)

So I am going to play catch up today and tomorrow to show you the last 3 months of my club pages. I have opened enrollment into the club so you can join anytime, not just at the beginning of the year. I am now up to 28 ladies a month! So I am making 34 kits a month! It is starting to really be a huge project every month but it is always something I look forward to doing.

My June kit was a wedding themed page, but if you just switch out one of the pattern papers you could really use it for any pictures. I used my favorite color combination: red/black/white. And my mom just got the butterfly punch from Stampin Up! so I had to use it!

I always put together a page of extras for someone to win in class to take their page to the next level. You can see on this page, I added bling and pearls and a love sticker on page 2. These were not included in the kit, but you could win the extras. And it is nice to show the ladies how they can take the page to the next level on their own at home!

For June I saw this great paper at Joann Fabrics and knew I had to do something with it! Since I did such a girly page for May, I did a guy page for June. I included a "s" in the kit so you could make the title Mr. or Mrs. depending on what pictures you have. I know some females who do all the work around the house! I had taken a class at the Mega Meet and they used this foil tape which is just great to emboss on. You can get it at at home improvement store. It was by the duct tape. I got a whole roll (the size of a duct tape roll) for like $7. And still have a ton of it left! I also picked up some nails and washers while I was at Home Depot and some thin measuring tapes from a discount home improvement store to cut apart and use like ribbon!

I found an online tutorial to make the tool belt you see on page 2. I will post the dimentions for the toolbelt and July's page tomorrow.

Have a great day and stay in out of the heat!!!!



Rhonda V. said...

Hi Liz! I just wanted to pop on over and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog today!

You made me smile and trust me... I am not going to dig out my very first pages either!!!

Cath said...

Great kits, Liz! I hope you're settling in to your new digs! :)

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