Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool Belt Details and July's page

Hi again.
Everytime I think I am going to be able to post something within a day or 2 something comes up and I either forget or just don't have time. Don't you hate that? We had a new person start at work so I have been spending most of my days in training and don't get my usual breaks to post wonderful things for you!

So I said I would give you more details on how to create the tool belt from last month's page you can see in this post. Here we go!
• You need 4 pieces of paper needed to create the tool belt: 6x2, 4x3 and two ¾ in strips
o The 6x2 piece is scored at ½, ¾, 2¼, 2½, 3½, 3¾, 5¼, 5½  Fold along the scores as shown in the picture.
o There are 4 overlapping folds in the tool belt. At the bottom of each of the folds, punch a hold and set an eyelet
o Once all 4 eyelets are set, glue the edges and the middle (we want to leave the pocket un-glued) flush to the bottom of the 4x3 rectangle. One side may be a little long, just trim the extra
o On one of your ¾ strips, at the end, punch 2 holes next to each other and set 2 eyelets
o Glue your 2 ¾ strips to the top of the tool belt and fold over as shown in the picture
o Round the two bottom corners of the tool belt and the ends of the strip by the eyelets
o Using a black marker, hand draw stitching all around the tool belt

Hope that all makes sense!

When I saw Bo Bunny's new patriotic line I knew I had to do a 4th of July page. And of course, July was the perfect month to do it!

The cuts were all from either the Stand and Salute cart or Graphically Speaking. I just love the fireworks on page 2!

Next month's page is going to have robots on it with the title "Programmed to" and you can fill in the blank. Programmed to Love, or play, or sleep or whatever goes with the pictures you want to use. I am also working on a card for our upcoming card swap in September and my October weekend crop project, an advent calendar! Lots of exciting projects to work on :)



Lisa Giesbrecht said...

Cute 4th of July Layout :) I am now following! Hope to see you stop by the Quick Quotes blog each day this week for tons of prizes :)

Liz said...

Oh I definitely will be Lisa! On my way there now! lol

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