Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Class pages update

Hi again all!
I wanted to post the pictures of my September and November class pages. I don't do a layout class in October, I normally do a more involved class. This October I did the advent calendar you can see here which will be featured in an upcoming Cricut Chirp newsletter (yay again!)

For September I decided to do a different kind of baby page. My club members had been asking for this for a long time and I was hesitant to do it. It ended up being one of the hardest pages for me to get ready for class. I asked the club ladies if they wanted girl boy or neutral and all my extra kits I did in neutral. Here is what it looked like.
I don't remember where I saw the title but I loved it! I can just see a cute black and white picture of a newborn or "just bloomed" baby in there! I did keep a couple extra of this page for myself to make and give away as gifts for 2 friends who had babies this year. I got the pictures printed so now I just need to make their pages. For the girl or boy ones, the title and swirls on page one, and some of the flower layers on page two were pink or blue. They came out very nice as well. I was really happy with this page and so were the ladies.

For November I was originally going to do a Thanksgiving page. We can always use more of those! It happens every year :) But, since my Christmas advent calendar class had gotten cancelled, I had all the paper and cut sizes ready to go for that so I decided to re-purpose them and here is what I came up with
The red space in the middle is exactly 6 inches wide so I can fit 3 landscape 4x6 photos in there! Or get more creative and do some sort of photo collage (which is what I plan to do). I thought with everything going on in the squares the page didn't really need a title which is a first for me! I can't wait to get some pictures on this one and add some stickles to the squares. Here is some close ups of the two pages

As always I hope I inspired you to bring out your scissors and glue!
Until next time!

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