Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi all!
I hope everyone had a great day with their family yesterday! I did not get to go Black Friday shopping today since I am still babysitting but I did hit some sales online and picked up some crafty things for myself. That's the best kind of shopping! I got some stamp sets from Unity on Wednesday while they were 45% off (wow what a deal!) and this morning I purchased my first Whimseys! Certain categories of their items are 25% off today! Go check them out :)

Yesterday I was at my aunt's house and she had these adorable pumpkin centerpieces on her table. I know we are now putting away the Thanksgiving/fall decorations and getting ready for Christmas but I have to share this fun simple and easy project with you. One of her children's teachers did this in class a couple of years ago and she just recreates it every year.

Can you guess what it is? It's a roll of toilet paper! Get some orange fabric and put your toilet paper in the middle. Wrap the fabric up and over the roll and shove the ends down the middle of the roll. Get a stick from outside and place it in the middle to hold the fabric in place. My aunt then curled some green pipe cleaners and cut out a leaf from green felt. You can kind of see on the side she also added a tag that had a cute Thanksgiving poem on it. How cute would it be to have your kids write what they are thankful for on the tag? Super cute I say!

I hope I remember this next year for my decorations. The best part is after the holiday just keep the fabric for next year and use the toilet paper! Very little storage needed. I love it!

I will be back home Sunday and I have a whole list of projects to work on! And another list of pictures to take to get caught up on everything I have made. So look for lots of posts from me in the coming week!

Until next time!

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