Friday, June 1, 2012

My wonderful big shelves

I have the most wonderful boyfriend who has made me the most wonderful custom shelves for my craft room! I drew up the specifications for him, and he went to work :)

I got the first large set for Christmas in 2010. The only thing I have to say is be careful if you re-create these. We ended up cutting them in half to get them into my new apartment!

The top shelf holds 2 shoe boxes/photo boxes on top of each other. The bottom shelf I made 13inches tall to hold all my 12x12 page and class kits I knew I had. (I need to actually do some of these! LOL) the shelf above that holds the cropper hopper paper holders perfectly. I made my cricut at a height I thought would be good for cutting and it is perfect. We added the drawer when I upgraded to the large cricut so I could pull it out some. The mat was hitting the back wall. There is a hole behind the cricut for the cord. The rest of the shelves ended up being a default size and we added some dividers to help portion the weight out.  I still need to paint it though. It will either be white or yellow. I am still on the fence.

Email me at if you want all the specific dimensions. I have a PDF for you!



1 comment:

Jennifer White said...

I love the shelves. I would die for shelving like this lol my craft room is so unorganized.

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