Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Goals

Hello again!

I was reading the forums on Two Peas and there is a thread for goals for June. Since I have been so lax with everything for the past 2 months, I want to set some public goals here and hopefully that will motivate me to stick with them! So here goes nothing!

7 cards!
That seems like a lot to me! I have 3 birthdays I missed in April and May and 4 coming up in June to keep up with my New Years Resolution. I would like to get at least 3 entered in a challenge somewhere.

10 2page layouts for co-worker!
As I mentioned before, I am making a book for my co-worker's daughter. I have some pages finished that you will see in a post later next week and I have 3 to get done this weekend. So it is really only 7 more. Not too bad.

5 2page layouts for myself!
This is actually a hard one. I haven't done this many pages for myself in the past 3 years! I'm talking pictures and journaling. This is my most exciting goal :)

Twice a week blog posts!
Which, with all these other goals should be no problem! I have posts scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, but at minimum, I would like to post twice a week.

Set some goals for yourself for June and let me know what they are. Maybe we can help motivate each other this month and get some crafting done!

Come back tomorrow for a peek into my craft room :)


1 comment:

Michelle McClure said...

Good luck with your goals! It is good to have concrete goals, instead of the general I'm goint to scrap all my photos. Thanks for putting it out there.

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