Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My New Go-to card

I don't know about you, but my mom and I normally have a favorite go-to card when we need to get something done quick. Something that is easy but looks great. We just change the colors. My mom can use it for about a year until everyone she knows has already gotten a card from this design, then she has to switch it up! LOL. So while I was going though card ideas on (which is probably my biggest source of inspiration for cards and scrapbook ideas) I found this card. I have already made 2! One for my boss for boss's day (this Saturday the 16th, which is random. why put boss's day on a day most people don't work???) and one for my boyfriend's grandma. Her birthday is today.

I used Basic Brown for the French Script and Bravo Burgundy for the Medallion Stamp. The ribbon was a scrap I had on hand that matched perfectly, the button is from my stash and I used floss to tie through the ribbon. Although, I should tell you, when I say my stash, I really mean my mom's awesome craft room that I get free rein in (Thanks Mom!!!)

I hope the boss and the grandma like the card because I think I have found my new favorite, under 10 minute card that looks great!

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