Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Edit- I really wanted to "cross off" things on my to do list! Helps me feel like I am getting stuff done!

I guess I was not back! LOL
I am really going to try to post at least once a week. I have lots and lots of projects I am working on right now, so I have plenty of things to show you! So expect 3 or 4 posts TODAY! yay!
So, first, here is my current project list:

Baby Shower Favors (candy bag toppers) - DONE! (well almost, I have like 25 more giraffes to glue then im done!)
I got the invites done and in the mail this week. I have started the toppers and once I get the candy, those will be quick to finish. Yay again! Need these done by Nov 7th

Wedding Book for my cousin (8x8)  - DONE!
I have 5 pages left to finish in the next week and a half. Do-able.

Christmas Book for my Aunt/Uncle (8x8)
I am going to try to re-purpose some layouts from my cousins wedding book and another 8x8 book I did so hopefully this will go quickly. I have 5 pages done.

12x12 Club Layout for November
This is always on my list to do. Only the month changes. I have all the paper and emblishments I need for Novmeber, I just have to get sketching for this.

Baby Album for a Friend (12x12)
I need this done by January and haven't really started.

Ongoing Cards - DONE!
I currently have a wedding card and an anniversary card to get done by tomorrow night! LOL and another wedding card for next week.

And people wonder why I am so busy! LOL

Pictures of a couple of cards, baby shower invites and part of the wedding book coming next!

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