Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quinceanera Centerpieces

Hi Everyone!

This weekend I made some samples for a friend's niece's quinceanera. She wanted something unique and different that none of her friends were going to have and could use as gifts to some of the girls and close family. I sent the picture and she loved them! I was so excited. I'll know tonight if she decides to have me make them for her.

Her theme is black/white/yellow with zebra print. Her name is Clarissa. hence why I used a "C" of some of the sides. The block is made out of CD cases. I found it a long time ago on a blog somewhere and can't seem to find the link now..... There will be a short vase in the middle with a calla lilly arrangement another woman is making (I stick to the paper crafts! lol) She also did not want to use pictures on them which created a challenge for me. I scrap without pictures all the time, but I always have photo mats to put pictures on. I had to figure out how to make the mini-layouts look finished without a picture.

I got most of the supplies at my local Archivers Store along with a couple of things from Joann Fabrics. Got out the cricut and went to work! I made 6 samples, but these are the 4 that she likes best (and I completely agree)
This one has to be my favorite. 

Here is a side view. You can see that the rose and ribbon are not glued down yet. They are going to go on the outside of the cube once I put it all together. (more pictures on this later)

This bling swirl will go on the outside of the cube. I added a feather to this one to tie in another theme. Some of the tables with have tall vases with large yellow feathers, and other tables will have these ones.

 This one is a lot of other people's favorite. The 3 yellow glitter dots will go on the outside of the cube

 I made this one with a fabric flower I learned how to make at the Quick Quotes private reserve last year. I love the way it looks with a paper rosette on top of it. I flocked the brad myself (it was white to start with) and used some bakers twine.

 Here is a side shot of the fabric flower. It will also go on the outside of the cube.

 This is what the cube will look like put together. You can see that some of the elements from the pictures above are missing. Those are the things that will get glued to the front/outside of the CD case. I didn't want to fully glue them until I get the go-ahead from the client.

Another shot of the put together cube. You can see one of the samples I am not using in this one

I really couldn't be happier with how these turned out, especially since I got all of them done in 1 day! I hope they are a big hit at the party!


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